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Lesparre is both the capital of the “Pays Médoc” and the sub-prefecture of the Gironde. There are three parts : Bas-Médoc,  Haut-Médoc and  Landes de Médoc, and two terroirs, the famous Médoc vineyards along the estuary, and the Landes du Médoc towards the ocean.

Since 2019, part of the territory has been constituted as a regional nature park : the Médoc regional nature park.

With mild winters and hot summers, the Médoc enjoys a climate that is favourable to vine growing. The proximity of the Landes forest protects the vineyards and acts as a filter for the sea wind.

Vignobles du Médoc

Œnotourisme en Médoc

The production of the Médoc vineyard, composed exclusively of red wines.

The wines of the Médoc are produced from different grape varieties, the main ones being Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

The Médoc has many appellations that contribute to the region’s reputation every day. Haut Médoc, Médoc, Saint-Estèphe, Pauillac, Saint Julien, Listrac-Médoc, Moulis-en-médoc and Margaux are the main ones.

60 crus in the 1855 classification
4 first great growths of the Médoc are Château Lafite Rothschild (Pauillac), Château Latour Carnet (Pauillac), Château Margaux (Margaux), Château Mouton Rothschild

Forêts du Médoc

Landes du Médoc forest

It is divided into several massifs:

State forest of the Pointe de Grave in the north,
State forest of Flamand near Montalivet-les-Bains,
State forests of Hourtin (nature reserve), Carcans and Lacanau further south,
Salaunes communal forest near Sainte-Hélène,
Bois du Plantier near Vertheuil…

The Landes plateau is bordered by an imposing dune belt, which forms a veritable massif from the Pointe de Grave to Cap Ferret (and continues to the south, culminating in the Dune du Pilat). On the ocean side, it highlights an immense beach of fine sand, facing due west and subject to the assaults of the waves and currents, forming in particular the (baïnes).


Soulac-sur-mer en Médoc

Lakes and ocean

The diversity of the Médoc’s landscapes makes it the kingdom of summer visitors, but also of surfers and other extreme sports enthusiasts, who can be found on the various spots along the coast.

With more than 100 km of coastline between Le Verdon and Cap Ferret, the Atlantic coast opens its doors to you… and many accesses to the ocean, but also a string of lakes and ponds:

Lake Hourtin and Carcans (the second largest freshwater lake in France, with 6,000 hectares)
the pond of Lacanau.

They are linked to the Gironde estuary and the Arcachon basin by a series of marshes and channels: Talais marsh, Perge marsh, Lespaut marsh, Montaut marsh, Cousseau marsh and pond (nature reserve), Talaris marsh…

Local specialities

  • Cannelés
  • Lamprey à la bordelaise
  • Oysters from the basin
  • Beef from Bazas
  • The Bordeaux corks
  • The medocain granary
  • The hazelnuts
  • The Gambas of Verdon

La Nouvelle Aquitaine

  • 1st agricultural and forestry region in France
  • 3rd largest vineyard in Europe
  • 6 regional nature parks
  • 1st French wine tourism region
  • Varied territory: sea, mountains, towns, countryside
  • 1000 km of coastline
  • 4200 km of cycle routes
  • 32 million tourists per year
  • 14 UNESCO World Heritage sites